Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Loki ka Halwa (Bottle gourd pudding)

Loki is a unique vegetable which doesn't have its own specific taste. It can be used to make variety of dishes.

Bottle gourd also has several medicinal properties.

It is alkaline in nature so useful for acidity, indignation and ulcer.

 Ingredients required

Loki medium size 1 about 1kg

Milk 1/2 liter

Ghee 2-3 table spoon

Sugar 250 gm. (you can adjust according to your taste)

Cashew nuts about 15 pcs.

Almonds 5-10 pieces

Resins 1 table spoon

Cardamom 5 pcs

Saffron few threads (optional)


Remove skin and seeds from loki and grate it. Squeeze grated loki to remove water from it.

Add grated loki and milk in kadhai/pan and bring it to boil. Now reduce the flam and add gehee, stir continuously till ghee become separate.

Add Sugar, resins, some cashew nuts and crushed almonds, stir for more 10 minutes.

Once it ready transfer into bowl and garnish with saffron almonds cardamom powder and cashew nuts.

It can be served hot as well as cold.

This dish can be prepared in microwave oven as well.

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